San Juan Hills Women's Golf Association
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Club History
Past Presidents
1969   Margaret Debach
1986    Bonnie Roos
2003    Tomi Gettel
1970   Jeanie Chabot
1987    Doris Davis
2004    Judy Soulakis
1971    Melitas Forster
1988    Dorothy Lafever
05-06   Judy Soulakis
1972    Binky Valentine
1989    Dorothy LaFever
06-07   Bobbi Taylor
1973    Liz Shattuck
1990    Robert Alexander
07-08   Bobbi Taylor
1974    Liz Shattuck
1991    Robert Alexander
08-09   Linda Healion
1975    Chris Behm
1992    Betsy Bosworth
09-10   Linda Healion
1976    Fern Holmes
1993    Betsy Bosworth
10-11   Mary Dean
1977    Dorothy La Fever
1994    Binky Vaentine
11-12   Mary Dean
1978    Helen Jerram
1995    Joyce May   
12-13   Mary Bebek
1979    Jane Miller
1996    Dorothy LaFever
13-14   Mary Bedek
1980    Norma Voyles
1997    Dorothy LaFever
2015   Reni Vidovich
1981    Norma Voyles(Moore)
1998    Jean Thorn
2016   Reni Vidovich
1982    Katie Milsted
1999    Jean Thorn
2017   Debbie Geyer
1983    Peggy Baker
2000    Dianne Burdick
2018   Debbie Geyer
1984    Margy Anderson
2001    Dianne Burdick
1985    Bonnie Roos
2002    Tomi Gettel


Club Champions

1970   Fern Holmes
1998   Linda Healion
1971   Jeanie Chabot
1999   Linda Healion
1972   Pat Hill
2000  Linda Healion
1973   Sue Hill
2001   Linda Healion
1974   Jan Fohl
2002   Charbe Benvenuto
1975   Dorothy DeVries
2003   Linda Healion
1976   Dorothy DeVries
2004   Linda Healion
1977   Dorothy DeVries
2005   Linda Healion
1978   Dorothy  LaFever
2006   Teresa Gonzales
1979   Fern Holmes
2007   Jan Baker
1980   Dorothy LaFever
2008   Jan Baker
1981   Delma Brodeck
2009   Linda Healion
1982   Audrey Etchison
2010   Corkie Birdsall
1983   Dorothy DeVries
2011    Linda Healion
1984   Audrey Etchison
2012   Linda Healion
1985   Ginny Waugh
2013   Lori Van Hove
1986   Dorothy LaFever
2014   Lori Van Hove
1987   Dorothy LaFever
2015   Lori Van Hove
1988   Dorothy LaFever
2016   Teresa Gonzalez
1989   Dorothy LaFever
2017   Lori Van Hove
1990   Dorothy LaFever
2018   Lori Van Hove
1991   Dianne Burdick
1992   Dorothy LaFever
1993   Charbe Benvenuto 
1994   Linda Healion 
1995   Linda Healion 
1996   Linda Healion 
1997   Linda Healion

President's Cup Champions

2002   Lisa Ulnick
2009   Lynn Nelson
2003   4 FLTS
2010    Linda Healion
2011    Sonia Shalhub
2004   4 FLTS
2012    Linda Healion
2013    Val Fitzpatrick
2014    Mary Dean
2005   5 FLTS
2015   Karen Yoshihara
           Burdick/S. Ross
2016   Sonia Shalhub
2017   Sonia Shalhub
2018   Tracy Steele
2006   5 FLTS
2007   4 FLTS
2008   3 FLTS


SJHWGA A History

In the late 1960's a group of women started thinking about organizing a women's golf league at the newly built San Juan Hills Golf Course. Supported by the course management, the wife of the Director of Golf, Chris Harrington, contacted several women golfers to put the plan into action. Among those initial members was Dottie LaFever, who eventually served 5 terms as SJHWGA President. According to an amusing anecdote from Dottie, Thursday was selected as Ladies Play Day as she was then preoccupied with bowling on the proposed Tuesday. Marge Debach took the helm as the first President in 1969. The club started with approximately 40 women, developed by-laws and procedures and soon became a popular club. At one time the club had a waiting list, requiring potential members to have a sponsor and meet qualifying standards. Some potential members waited as long as two years for an opening to become available. Those procedures eventually changed when a complaint was lodged with the club management by a resident who purchased a home in the neighboring development with the intention of being a ladies club member.

SJHWGA affiliated with WAGA (Western American Golf Association) and many SJHWGA members participated actively as Board Members of that association. Eventually WAGA became part of WSCGA (Women's Southern California Golf Association) although over time the focus of WSCGA was directed toward women's groups at private golf clubs. In 2008 SJHWGA opted to change affiliations and is now part of San Diego County Women's Golf Association and again, San Juan's members participate actively in the larger organization in team play, association play days, away trips, course rating and as members of the Board of Directors. With the recent reorganization of women’s golf, San Juan Hills is now part of the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) and undoubtedly our members will continue active participation in that organization as well.

Many veteran members of San Juan Hills have fond memories and tales to tell of earlier years. Liz Shattuck, Club President in 1973 and 1974, is credited with suggesting the roadrunner as the official symbol of the ladies club. Tomi Gettel, Club President in 2002 and 2003 initiated the tradition of a Past President's Luncheon which is now held each year to honor the club's leaders. Linda Healion, Club President in 2008 and 2009, helped to initiate the Hills Creek Cup, a 3 round challenge with the ladies club at Tijeras Creek Golf Course. Dottie La Fever and Binkie Valentine, Club President in 1994, were responsible for coordinating twice yearly "away trips" which were rollicking adventures both on and off the course. The San Juan Hills Women's Golf Association even has intergenerational members as current member and 2010 Club Champion, Corkie Birdsall, is the daughter of the late Adele Hanson, a once active member of SJHWGA.

......and SJHWGA history and new memories are in the making.